Swiss Protoheavy krautrock psychedelic tribe Hubeskyla released and streamed new album ‘Fly on the wings of love’

11/07/2018 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)


Hubeskyla is mixing protoheavy, krautrock andpsychedelism – all of which are being pushed to the extreme…

A few days after unveilling an official music video for the song “It Starts To Make Sense” and six years after ‘Spencer’s Return’ their first instrumental album, Swiss five-piece heavy-psych krautrock band Hubeskyla just officially released a new full-length album called ‘Fly on Wings of Love’ for LP & Digital through We Don’t Make It Records and Fidel Bastro.

In addition to the release-announcement, the band shared this new full-length effort – recorded live – for full stream on Bandcamp.

…For the record…

The core of Hubeskyla comprising guitarists Lionel Gaillard (from the band Monoski),Mathias Bieri (Tar Queen) and drummer Fabrice Seydoux (Pony DelSol) interweaves mesmerizing and always fluctuating musical loops reaching unprecedented levels of reverberating ecstasy.

The arrival of charismatic frontman Christophe Jaquet (ex Velma) and then multi-instrumentalist / pedal steel virtuoso Duri Darms radically extended the band’s limits in terms of composition – and especiallyonstage with their intense live performances that offer a raw experience of pure escapism..

hubeskyla - fly on the wings of love

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