The Prestige unveiled new music video for “Voir dire”

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The Prestige 5

Worship fear, worship silence

A few weeks after releasing its astonishing brand new full-length album “Amer”, available for entire streaming, French Alternative Hardcore/Rock/Punk outfit unleashed a few days ago a new official music video illustrating the track “Voir dire”.

Still hot and acclaimed by both public and music critic, “Amer” is available on CD/LP/Digital and tape through Enjoyment Records (UK), Basement Apes (FR), Imminence Records (US), Dingleberry records and distribution (GER), BAD MOOD RECORDS (Switzerland) or the band own imprint Nature Morte.

Stream the album for full |Have a look on “Voir dire” music video | Get the digital / physical copy of the album

…For the record.

Born around 2009, The Prestige, hi-energy quartet from Paris, plays a mix between (post) chaotic hardcore, intense punk, metal and rock under constant injection of adrenaline.A few months later, the band released its debut recordings with a DIY EP called “A series of catastrophes and consequences”. Then, after some great live performances, The Prestige began to work on its first full-length record : “Black mouths” finally in 2012 through Basement Apes Industries, Brain Ache, Enjoyment Records & Tangled Talk..

In 2014, the band recorded their second album in order to unleash its new musical creature in 2015…..

For fans of Converge, Every Time I Die, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Norma Jean, Touché Amoré, The Carrier….

 The Prestige cover Amer

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Iron Bastards announce new full-length album “Boogie woogie violence”

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ban iron bastards

Too fast too furious

French Fast Rock’n’roll power trio Iron Bastards just announced the release of its debut full-length album called “Boogie woogie violence” and coming out on September 11th 2015 through BLACK’N’PURPLE Records (Evas Kiss Anger…). 15 songs + 3 live recordings of hi-energy rock roll vibes with 70’s influences to come in CD and digital formats in order to kick some asses on the road, on stage or anywhere.

In the meantime, the band just unveiled the artwork of this ucoming album and put its past discography for entire streaming on Bandcamp.

…For the record…

Old school Rock with a modern view : The Iron Bastards play a fast and dirty rock’n’roll. Energetic, aggressive, motivated, the Bastards give heavy and powerful shows that will make your ears bleed ! Founded in 2013, the band played fast from its beginning but also work fast and released its two first records in 2014 (“Boogie woogie sessions” and “Wasteland”) before to begin to work on a full-length album. After playing tons of high-energy gigs, Iron Bastards release “Boogie woogie violence” in 2015.

For fans of Motörhead, Nashville Pussy, Danko Jones, Peter Pan Speedrock….

cover boogie woogie violence

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David Lund (Audiograd, NOX) unveiled new music video for “Ever”

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David lund pix

A few months after the release of its debut solo recording called “Ever”, Belgian singer, bass player, author and composer David Lund (Audiograd, Upland, NOX) unveiled a brand new music video illustrating the title track of the album and available right now on Vimeo platform.

“Ever” is still available on CD and digital, through dEPOT 214 Label company (Catherine Graindorge, Cecilia::Eyes, Monsoon, My Tv is dEAD, Nox…) and for entire streaming on Bandcamp.

Themes approached on the album arise from personal experience and preoccupations, often indirectly or through passionate stories : a homeless man’s quest for a night of rest (the song “Head on the pillow”), the predominance of computer and electronic tools as filters in human relationships (“Staring at windows”, “cut the chord”), the fascination for violence in the media (“Visual side effects”), the impossible share of grief (“Compassion”), the litany of budget controle from a lonely mother of five (“Price of bread”), but also songs of longing and desire (“Fruit” and “Embrace”) or the ambivalence of being (“You Are”).
Streame the entire album | Have a look on the music video for the song “Ever”.
For the record…
Before launching his solo project, David Lund evolved as a composer and performer among various musical line ups, all with strong musical identities. Next to his performances with Nox, David wrote, sung and played bass for the electrofunk trio Audiograd up to 2012.  For a couple of concerts, David had to develop a simpler device to perform his compositions alone on stage, which left greater space for personal approach.
Setting his voice on sound textures and loops woven on double bass and guitar, he aimed at emotion, while no longer depending on sophisticated gimmicks.  In this process of synthesis and stripping down, his references are to be sought in the work of Mark Hollis (Talk Talk), David Sylvian (Japan, Nine Horses), Beth Gibbons (Portishead) or Thom Yorke (Radiohead) – all artists originally evolving in a band, and who found an essential counterpoint in their solo projects.
David Lund’s debut album, “Ever”, features guest appearances from NOX fellow companions : Elie Rabinovitch on drums and Catherine Graindorge on violins, and Flat Earth Society and Tuxedomoon long time collaborator, Luc Van Lieshout on trumpet. Pierre Vervloesem (X-legged sally, Flat Earth Society, …) ensured the mix of the album.
David lund cover ever.
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The Erkonauts for exclusive world premiere album streaming

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Erkonauts band

Unleashed in 2014 as a limited release, “I did something bad”, the debut full-length album from Swiss punk-progressive-metal outfit The Erkonauts has been reissued to be available everywhere on CD and digital editions (iTunes, Spotify…). From now, PureGrainAudio presented an exclusive world premiere streaming session of the full album in waiting for the next tours of the band and the recording of a brand new EP already planned for the end of the year.

“I Did Something Bad” [Exclusive Album Stream] | Get the digital / physical copy of the album

… For the record…

Founded in 2014, The Erkonauts are one of the most dynamic and hardworking metal bands out of Switzerland today.
In many ways a supergroup with former members of Djizoes:, Sybreed and 7-tone, The Erkonauts strive to pack kick-ass modern power, execution and production with subtle vintage tones and a musical taste that encompasses genres as diverse as metal, rock, punk and progressive.

The Erkonauts released their first album “I Did Something Bad” in the summer 2014, and immediately went on a tour of the US west coast. A few months later, the band toured in Eastern Asia (China, Taïwan) before to conquer the Europe territory.

Erkonauts cover.
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RedLight : New EP “Jukebox Vol.I” for immediate release and streaming

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Red light 1

A few days after a first announcement and two years and a half after the release of “Astronauts” (2013, M & O Music), RedLight the mutant crossover between rock, indie blues and hip-hop from French Dirty South is back right now with “Jukebox Vol.1″, the first volume of a several parts digital EP-series unleashed a few days ago through Bandcamp exclusive.

Stream and buy the whole EP on Bandcamp | Have a look on the music video for “I get it”

…For the record…

Founded in 2007 in Marseille, France by Londres, Dapé and Guy, RedLight developed from its beginning a great and fresh mix of Electro-Rock and Hip-Hop-Blues. In 2008, the band released its debut recording with an album called “Crash system control”, following less than two years later by an EP : “What’s going on ?”. Then RedLight made some great appearances on stage before to record two digital singles (“Westbound train / Casanova” & “Magic / A James Bond complex”) both unveiled in 2012.

Six months later, a brand new full-length album saw the light with “Astronauts”.

Red Light 2

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Rise unveiled exclusive premiere for new single “About ‘friends'”

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Rise band

This is about Rise… This is about musical hybridation. This is about a French three-piece entity mixing in the same original and “romantic” way post-metal, indie-pop & alternative black-metal. A musical project including a real visual ambition with graphic design, art-works and music videos in order to spread a personal vision of romantism.

A few weeks after unveiling an animated music video for the single “About duality”, Rise just unleashed an exclusive world premiere session through PureGrainAudio and Score A/V for a brand new song called “About ‘friends'”. This new track will feature on the debut full-length album by Rise, called “Resilience”, produced by Jochem Jacobs (ex-Textures) and expected on CD & digital in the coming weeks.

Stream “About ‘friends'” brand new single | Have a look on the animated “About duality” video

… For the record…

Natural evolution of the Andick solo project in 2009, RISE took its firststep during the spring of 2010. Affected by the artistic approach of Aymeric Goutal, it was in a spontaneous way that bassist Julien Bouladoux (also involved with alternative/hardcore/punk band The Prestige), then drummer Tadzio Gottberg decided to ally to his cause.

Borrowing its influences from the broadest musical horizon possible, RISE seeks above all to convey emotions. The power of Rock, the heaviness of Metal and the Classical drama are combined,  thus giving birth to a rich and astonishing mixture. The topics approached, halfway between hope and melancholy, are primarily based on the concept of Resilience, dear to the project’s originator. Experiments share, transmission of emotions and vibrations in unison constitute a faithful triptych to RISE.

For fans of Deftones, Deafheaven, Devin Townsend…

Rise cover

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Cigue : new album “Ainsi nous sommes” for immediate release + streaming

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Cigue ban

Three years after the album “Commotion” (2012) and a few months after the “Love” EP (2014), French Electro-rock outfit Ciguë released a few days ago its fourth full-length album called “Ainsi nous sommes”, available right now on limited handmade CD and digital formats through the main legal platforms such as iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon… In other news, the band also put this new record for full streaming on Bandcamp.

Stream the whole record on Bandcamp | Get your physical / digital copy of the album

… For the record…

Yann Reversat, guitarist (Norma Loy and several featuring in various bands) and Joanna Louis (classical keyboard background) both created Ciguë in 2006 in order to unleash their creativity in a rock/electro/indus style. Their first two albums (“Swallow the Pain” and “Phobia”) were hailed by the musical business. When they settled in Montpellier, they hired a new drummer, Josian Ribes(self-taught for over 20 years, timekeeper in several goth/metal/prog bands).

After recording the third album “Commotion” (2012), Ciguë added up a new recruit : Marjorie Lelievre, a sensual and soulful singer(former lead in multiple rock and metal projects). The lineup is now more effective and beefier than ever, flipping on stage through their 3 albums, “mixing up the electro rock with industrial / rock atmospheres.

For fans of Marilyn Manson, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Front242…

Cigue cover

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Yeallow : New album “Homebred” for immediate release + full streaming

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Yeallow quartet

Following a UK mini-tour, French indie-rock quartet from Strasbourg Yeallow released a few days ago its brand new full-length record called “Homebred”  for CD and digital through TRY & DYE Records. The album is available right now for full streaming, physical edition on the band’s webstore and the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon…).

Stream the full album on Bandcamp | Get you digital / physical copy | Have a look on “The trick” music video

…For the record…

The Yeallow guys got together in Strasbourg (France) in 2010.From the beginning, the adventure of these four accomplices with an unusual path, is built around a story of strong friendship where the vital need to make music is the common denominator. Rich and with very different influences, combining jazz, blues, alternative rock and thrash metal paths, the quartet defined its own identity with a very modern sound and catchy riffs of power rock. An personal tone of voice, a guitar drenched in testosterone, an uncompromising bass and drums, the french electro-touch just at the right place.

Their shows propel an hi-energy and explosive cocktail. Immediately spotted by a promoter in the U.S. after the release of their first album – “2891 seconds” – (2010), the group embarked on a tour in the legendary clubs of Los Angeles and San Francisco (Whisky a go-go, Cat Club,…).

In France, they played in all major regional theaters (La Laiterie, Noumatrouff, etc …) then make a stop at the Bus Palladium Paris before leaving for a UK tour in 2012 (Camden Rock, O2 Academy Tower, The Cavern Club, …). Late 2013, Yeallow started to compose again. They came back in 2014 with a new digital single – Clocks – and one year later with their second album : “Homebred”.

Yeallow Homebred

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Churchill : “Ravage” album for immediate digital release // Full streaming available

06/19/2015 at 5:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Churchill band 1.
As announced a few weeks ago, French metal/southern-rock outfit Churchill just released its debut full-length album, “Ravage” for digital exclusive on the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Spotify…). A physical release is also expected in the coming weeks but in the meantime, the album up from now for full streaming on Bandcamp and the official music video for the single “Replay”, is still available on YouTube.
Stream the album for full on Bandcamp | Have a look on the “Replay” music video
…For the record…
Formed at the end of 2010 under the moniker of Churchill by ex-members from various metal french outfits such as Ghost Orchid or Switch Off, this French five-piece band plays a mixture between alternative rock/metal/punk, burnin’ southern-rock and the spirit of skate street culture. After some powerful live performances at Triel Open Air, Briz Glace or Mosaik…, the band released a debut self-titled EP (2011) and then began the writing process of its first album. In 2015, after playing a bunch of gigs all around the French territory, Churchill releases “Ravage”.
Churchill cover

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Acid Western streamed brand new EP “Rampage”

06/16/2015 at 10:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Acid Western pix

French power trio Acid Western describes itself like the furious sons of the desert-rock, spreading a dusty but sexy sound with a drop of mezcal for a saloon dance breaking the rules between stoner-rock and grunge music. Influences by the QOTSA’s “Desert sessions” or the French/US outfit Loading Data, the band imagines its music like a cinematic, fuzzy and initiatic journey among into the American desert.

After a debut EP four years ago (“Off flesh and bones”, 2011), Acid Western just unveiled a brand new EP called “Rampage”, recorded last autumn and available right now on the main digital platforms (iTunes, Deezer, SpotifyAmazon) & full streaming on SoundCloud.

For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, Them Crooked Vultures…

Acid Western cover.
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