Loading Data

LDHeavy Groove / Rock

Loading Data is a 4 piece heavy groove rock band born in November 1999.

After a few eps, the band released it’s first album in 2002 through United Musics Company (Dead Kennedys, Fu Manchu, Desert Sessions) that unfortunately closed 2 years later. Lo S. Data eventually left France and recreated Loading Data in the USA with Adam Keller on drums and Mike Shaw on bass. The band was produced by Ryan Sambrook.

Very quickly the trio is managed by John Tovar (Marilyn Manson, The Mavericks) and guided by Bill Aucoin (kiss, Billy Idol) and they tour the U.S for over 2 years. Eventually the band decides to hit Europe where they are now based. The band is now Patrón on guitar and vocals, Robin Vieville on drums, Louise Decouflé on bass & Julien Ribeill on all other guitars & keyboards..

Loading Data release their new full length album entitled “Rodeo Ghetto-Blaster”, through the Argentinian label Oui-Oui Records (Los Natas) in 2008 and via Deadlight Entertainment in Europe in 2010. They’ve played with great bands such as Brant Bjork & the Bros, Mondo Generator, Pussyfoot, Nick Oliveri, The Council or yet Five Horse Johnson, Hermano…

Loading Data deliver a heavy groovy hypnotic robot rock. ….

They will be releasing their new album in March 2013, produced in Los Angeles by Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens of the stone age, Chris cornell band, Them crooked vultures…).


– Double Disco Animal Style (LP/ March 19, 2013 – Deadlight Entertainment)

– Rodeo Ghettoblaster (LP/ July 2007 – Oui Oui Records – Reissue 2010 / Ashes to Ashes)

– Frenchman Nevada (EP / 2002)

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