Lilium Sova

Hardcore / Noise / Experimental / Jazz

LILIUM SOVA is an atypical instrumental band hailing from Geneva, Switzerland. This trio (bass, drums, saxophone /keyboard) emerge early 2006. Its first full-length album, « Tripartite Chaos » (Calofror Records – 2008), is a fairly unique mixture of Noise Hardcore with a pinch of Free-Jazz. an album they promot live with bands such as IMPURE WILHELMINA, RORCAL, KEHLVIN, THE OCEAN, DIRGE and YOG, among others.

In 2011, the saxophonist/keyboard player announce that he will have to leave the band at the end of the year. The trio records « Epic Morning» (Calofror Records – 2012) and break-off momentarily in order to prepare the future. Lilium Sova come back early 2012 as a quatuor with two new musicians (guitar and cello) who played as guests in the second recording session. It’s with this new formula and a thicker sound that the band treads again upon stages.


– Tripartite Chaos (LP / 2008 – Calofror Records)

– Epic Morning (LP / 2012 – Calofror Records)

Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Calofror Records / Shop


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