Iron Bastards


Iron Baster pixband


“Bastards are the future of the world,
we don’t judge and know the meaning of the words.
Pacific guys with cool intentions,
no stress no doubt we relax the tensions.
So if you ask if we’re gonna change,
we’re gonna show you how you’re dumb and strange”

Old school Rock with a modern view: The Iron Bastards play a fast and dirty rock’n’roll. Energetic, aggressive, motivated, the Bastards give heavy and powerful shows that will make your ears bleed. For fans of raw guitars, frenetic drums and angry vocals. Playing since one year and an half, the Bastards did more than forty gigs (In France, Germany & Luxembourg) and released three discs. In september 2015, they’ll release their first album called “Jungle speed”.


– “Boogie Woogie Violence” (LP / September 2015)

– “Wasteland” (EP /September 2014)

– “Boogie woogie sessions” (EP / February 2014)

Line Up

David Bour : Bass & Vocals
David Semler : Guitars
Anthony Meyer : Drums

Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Shop


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