Eighty Twelve

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Somewhere between Weezer, Dinosaur Jr. and early Nada Surf, Eighty-Twelve digs the nineties indie up. The experienced young band pays tribute to the glorious power trio line-up: Guitar, Bass,  Drums. Done (Almost) and readily escapes the verse-chorus-verse template in organic jams inspired by the rage of CrazyHorse and the melodies of Explosions in the Sky.

Eighty-Twelve now proudly present their first album “Everyone is wrong”, released on vinyl in April 2015 and always seek to promote it on their favorite playground: the stage..

For fans of dEUS, Dinosaur Jr., Explosions In The Sky, Nada Surf, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer,

– “Everyone is Wrong” (LP / April 2015)
– “Mr J” (Single/ April 2015)
– “Rodeo” (Single / April 2015)

Website | Facebook | Bandcamp


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