Dirty Sound Magnet

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Dirty Sound Magnet is Rock preserved at its peak. The purity of their sound and the sincerity of their passion gives birth to highly inspired and original music.

The band
Influenced by the finest artists of years long passed, Dirty Sound Magnet manages to integrate the freshness and power of the music of today. The creativity of Dirty Sound Magnet calls them to shirk the notion of a ‘label’ or a ‘genre’ for what they do is more than rock; it is from the first to the last ‘music’. The band already has had the pleasure to perform over 100 live shows in Switzerland and abroad. Those who have attended a Dirty Sound Magnet concert are drawn into the world of pure magic, and they are eager to seek out the band again for every live performance is a unique experience for the crowd and the band as the music changes with every performance.

What Lies Behind – The album
Label- Phénix Records Dirty Sound Magnet will release its first album in October 2012, What Lies Behind. It was recorded by Bertrand Siffert (Young Gods) and mastered in New York (Sterling Sound Studio). The album has 9 highly inspirational tracks, which represent an odyssey through rock music.

2012 – 2013 Tour
Dirty Sound Magnet is planning to tour in Switzerland and abroad to promote the new album. The media will cover the release and several music videos (live and video clip) will be issued. The band would be very happy to perform at your venue for a real Rock’n’Roll night !


– What Lies Behind (LP / October 2012 – Worldwide Reissue 2013)

Website / Facebook / MySpace / E-Shop


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