DerivateProgressive – Metal


After five years of a musical journey populated with hundreds of live shows, Geneva based musicians Jeremy Davis, Alain Chiesa, Théodore Davis et Nouchine Etemad redefine themselves through a new band called DERIVATE.

With maturity, an artist often goes back to a less is more approach and simplicity. That is exactly what DERIVATE is aiming at with this new EP. Focusing on catchy vocal lines, guitar driven melodies, and infectious bass and drum grooves, the band takes a rock approach mixed with metal aggression.

This new EP is the empirical part of a reflection about art and musical composition specifically. The approach is new and unique as it encompasses harmony but seek its roots in conceptual composition. Two methods that are often opposed.

To compose the five movement of this EP, Nouchine Etemad used a special method that consists in the creation of a first riff serving as a musical introduction or a symbolic opening to the musical piece. Then, the composer listens back to this first riff and lets his mind guide him into the next part of the song. It may lead to a melodic atmosphere, a modulation, a rhythmic signature or a sudden dynamic breakup. Soon enough the next part will impose itself to the composer. Thus, the backbone of the song is born without ever repeating itself. The result is a 30 min EP oscillating between “opethish” rock grooves and modern metal assault where double kick patterns and edgy saturated guitars hit you right in the chest.


– Self-Titled (EP / Reissue: Spring 2015)

Line Up

Jeremy Davis – Vocals & Guitar
Nouchine Etamad – Guitar
Alain Chiesa – Bass
Theo Davis – Drums

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