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Founded in autumn 2004, cecilia::eyes, composed of Christophe Thys (guitars), Xavier Waerenburgh (drums and keyboards), Pascal Thys (bass guitar), Michael Colart (guitars) and Gauthier Vilain (guitars & samples), is a subtle mixture of instrumental and dark music, with a taste for slow and noisy tunes… Listening to cecilia::eyes, is above all being ready to penetrate the oneiric universe that it calls upon. Rather comparable universe, in its evolution and its emotions, to the one of Mono, Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Having itself gradually freed from its references, the group managed to give breadth to its instrumental music, which sometimes escapes from the rigid contours of post-rock and deals enough with the shoegazer scene of the Nineties (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins,…), but with a sophisticated sound representative of the recent productions. It results in a majestic and mysterious unity, oscillating between melancholy and hope…

A few months after the release of “Mountain tops are sometimes closer to the Moon”, cecilia::eyes welcomed the guitarist Gauthier Vilain who will complete the line up by reinforcing the character of the band and bringing a more personal touch (vocals, samples,…). After two years of composition, cecilia::eyes records its new album “HERE DEAD WE LIE” in winter 2009, in the studios of the label dEPOT214. This conceptual album creates its own post-romantic, dark and poetic universe, in the continuity of the previous one, with in backdrop the wounds caused during great world wars. Joel Grignard (Monsoon) is once again in charge of the coproduction while the mixing is entrusted to Rudy Coclet (Studios Caraïbes, Bxl).

It will be out on April 16th, 2010…Very favorable reviews, an admission on the catalog of the « Program Rock » of the French community, and remarkable live shows at the sides of bands such as Apse, PGlost, iLiKETRAiNS, or A Silver Mount Zion and the Cranes, made cecilia::eyes a reference of the Belgian post rock catalog.


– “Disappearance” (Album Live / December 2014)

– “Disappearance” (May 2014 / LP- dEPOT214)

– “Here Dead We Lie” (2010/LP – dEPOT214)

– “Mountain tops are sometimes closer to the moon” (2007/LP – dEPOT214)

– “Echoes from the Attic” (2005/EP)

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