French Thrash/Death outfit Evilness shared new track “New Perspectives”

06/11/2018 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)


A days before the officiel worldwide reissue of their debut full-length effort, French thrash/death-metal power-trio Evilness just shared new audio excerpt from the album with “New Perspectives” available right now on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Out a first time in March (2018) as ‘limited reelease’ only for the fans, ‘New Perspectives, No Evolution’ for CD & Digital on June 19th through GVA Productions and the main leagl platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal etc.).

Pre-orders are open now on the band’s webstore + Bandcamp while two other tracks “Amok” (feat Eric Forrest from E-Force or Voivod) and “Basically Defleshed” are still available at the same location.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp

…For the record…

Evilness is a French thrash/death metal band, known for raw energy on stage & innovative performances.​

At the beginning, the band founded by Seb in 2005 played a melodic death metal (inspired by Death, Pestilence), but evolved from 2008 to a more raw thrash way with still a melodic touch.

In 2011, Evilness supported the Dance Company “Elirale” as part of an original creation mixing modern dance & death metal called : Gorpitz and two years later initiated the original concept of “Blasting on your street”. Without any advertising & approval, the band come somewhere and prepared a gig as quickly as possible for a raw and surprising show. Meetings between thrash metal & random people were excellent; unique and unforgettable experiences.

In November 2013, Evilness released an EP called “Unreachable Clarity” followed by tons of gigs all around Europe and next to bands such as Misery Index or No Return, including an appearance at the Xtreme Fest (France).

Some changings of line-up later, the level was increased from both sound and technical perspectives, refining the Evilness’ style into pure thrash metal with melodic touch.

Then Evilness released its debut full-length album on spring 2018 with ‘New perspectives, No evolution’

Evilness - New Perspectives, No Evolution

Website | FacebookBandcamp | Shop



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