French Stoner Metallers General Cluster to release new album ‘Greetings From Black Mountains’

10/18/2017 at 12:34 pm (Uncategorized)


‘Drinking And Burn Stages!’

About four years after the release of ‘Six Pack Songs’, French ‘mountain’ stoner-metallers General Cluster just announced the upcoming release of their brand new full-length album called ‘Greetings From Black Mountains’ and coming out for physical/digital formats on November 4th.

In the meantime, the band just unveiled a first audio excerpt from the effort with the song “Shield Wall”, available right now on Bandcamp.

Stream the song “Shield Wall” / Pre-Order the album

…For the record…

After two EPs that had made the powder speak and the hoppy moss blossomed, General Cluster is back with its first full-length album called ‘Greetings from the Black Mountain’.

During 10 years, the band has drawn its path forging a rock-solid reputation on the stage; sharing his stoner/southern/blues metal to assert a sound at the crossroads of different incarnations of the music from the devil. 10 years in the band’s life and the growing desire to share at each concert a moment of communion and energy with the audience.

10 years summarized in 8 titles as so many memories frozen in the ice. That energy of the band which slams in the face with the force of a cold storm of early winter, leaving the breath short and the sight troubled. Prepare yourself for the blizzard from the Black Mountain, General Cluster is coming!


Website | Facebook | Bandcamp 



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