Danish Crust/Hardcore/Post-Black-Metal terrors Hexis stream new EP ‘XII’

10/06/2017 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)


As announced a few weeks ago : only five months after the release of their last album ‘Tando Ashanti’, Danish Hardcore/Crust/PostBlackMetal terrors Hexis just officially released a brand new EP called ‘XII’ for 10′ vinyl & Digital through Division Records (Closet Disco Queen, Papertank, Process Of Guilt, Unfold…), Moment Of Collapse Records (Cranial, Heaven In Her Arms, Meraine, Red Apollo, etc,..), Crown & Throne Ltd. (Primitive Man) et Truthseeker Music (Howl, Human Future, Yards…).
On this new 5 songs EP available right now for full stream on Bandcamp, Hexis strikes harder, hit faster and takes no prisoner.
.These guys are not doing a sort of post black metal hipster shit, goddamn no. They are actually the best representation of what black metal has to be in 2017: fierce, relentless, uncompromising, dangerous & wicked. Their style is still firmly rooted in a sort of hardcore urgency, but the atmosphere on this songs is so thick that you’ll somehow find yourself walking in a forest, surrounded by deep fog, unable to see anything, but clearly earing the wolves all around you.
.This ep is the real deal if you’re searching for pure darkness. Stream the whole EP on Bandcamp | Grab your physical copy on the Division Records webstore
…For the record…
Denmark, 2010: the idea of creating a hardcore black metal band emerged in the mind of Filip, actual singer and leader of Hexis.
 His goal was to give birth to a band playing “as dark and heavy music as possible and go on crazy amount of tours around the world and release tons of different records”. And it has been successful. Indeed, Hexis’ music is as scary as thrilling, as introspective as explosive and gives an idea of what addiction to darkness could be.
To satisfy it, Hexis plays about 200 gigs per year. Among all these gigs and the thousands of kilometers swallowed, Hexis has released 10 records in 7 years, including 3 EP’s, 4 splits (w/Primitive Man, This Gift is a Curse, As We Draw, Euglena and Redwood Hill) and 2 full-length albums (‘Abalam’ and ‘Tando Ashanti’).
Hexis is not just music, it is a way of life, a mindset, and every note that reaches your brain will prove it.
Facebook | Bandcamp

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