Swiss Power-Rock outfit Killing Volts stream debut EP + music video

06/17/2017 at 10:42 am (Uncategorized)


A few days after the official release of its debut EP ‘Why Should I Say Yes?’ released for LP & Digital on Bandcamp, the Killing Volts (power-action rock from Geneva, Switzerland included members of The Black Widow’s Project) just unleased a new official music video for the song “Never Insecure” on YouTube

In addition to this news, the band also shared its EP for full streaming on Bandcamp.

Get your physical copy

… For the record…

Born in 2013 around the area of Geneva (Switzerland) and lead by Tania Silversen (ex-Solartones) and Al Castro (The Black Widow’s Project) with two other musicians Onne Wan (Las Furias) and Matt Sink (also involved in TBWP), Killing Volts quickly played its first gigs with the aim to keep live their rock’n’roll and punk backgrounds with the main influence of soul/blues/rock voice such as Aretha Franklin, Alison Mosshart, Beth Ditto or Skin.

Some gigs later, Onne left the band and was replaced by Antoine Superflej (Cold Bath) while the band wrote some various songs. Then the Killing Volts recorded in live condition (in order to get a raw sound venomously rock with a DIY vibe) their debut EP ‘Why Should I Say Yes?’ unleashed on Spring 2017 before to begin the work on a first full-length album to be released in 2018.

For fans of Bikini Kill, QOTSA, The Dead Weather, The Hives, The Kills….


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