French hard’n’roll quartet Hellectrokuters stream new album ‘Round Two’

06/13/2017 at 9:45 am (Uncategorized)


French hardrock’n’roll quartet Hellectrokuters, fronted by Butcho from Watcha, born in 2009 just officially released its second full-length record called ‘Round Two’, available right now for CD/digital on the main digital stores (Amazon..) and legal platforms such as iTunes, Deezer, Spotify… through KNT Editions (Charlie’s Frontier Fun Town, Dead Crows, Titans Fall Harder….) and Schommer Music Group.
In addition to the official release-news, the album is also available right now for full stream at the same location
Get your physical/digital copy | Stream the whole album on Deezer
…For the record…
Formed in 2009, HELLECTROKUTERS is a french band from Paris fueled with high voltage powered tunes, sharp riffs and killer choruses.
They are authentic rock lovers reaching easily the level of their influences such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne, Motörhea, American Dog or Nashville Pussy… with a twist of their own.
Quickly, the band began to work on a debut full-length album, self-produced and called ‘Rock N Roll Beggars’ with 10 tracks in the pure tradition of 70’s and 80’s hard rock. 100% rock n’ roll with undeniable energetic, with electric wild tunes released on 2011 through Shotgun Generation record label (High-School Motherfuckers, The Joystix…). Their rush into pure rock n’roll, carrying lyrics raised from the very core of what they’re here for : rocking the world out, no fancy glittering junk needed.
Back to the roots, ‘Rock n roll beggars’ explodes to your face with its sweat & gazoline’s smell, pure rock reborn from the hands of Butcho (Watcha, Pleasure Addiction…). Then the musicians hit the road to play share their rock on stage.
A few years later, Hellecrokuters release their second full-length effort with ‘Round Two’.
For fans of AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tatoo, Nashville Pussy & Motorhead…
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