Swiss post-rock/electronics quartet Hubris. unveiled new song “Deimos to Phobos Part I”

03/06/2017 at 1:01 pm (Uncategorized)


.A few weeks after unveilling a first audio excerpt with the song “Doom Mons”, Swiss post-rock/electronics quartetHubris. (with members of the hip-hop/rock/fusio power trio Fensta) just unleashed a new song called “Deimos to Phobos Part I” extracted from their upcoming full-length album coming out this spring.

Following their debut effort ‘Emmersion’ (2015), the new album by Hubris. ‘Apocryphal Gravity’ will be out for digital on April 7th 2017 and one week later for physical through Cold Smoke Records (Devon, Hey Satan, Lilium Sova, Ogmasun, The Last Moan..).

Stream the song “Deimos to Phobos Part I” on YouTube
For the record
Hubris. is a Swiss post-rock band originating in Fribourg. Formed in 2014, the instrumental quartet is characterised by their original style which blends an experimental touch of post-rock, electronica atmosphere and some elements of the metal scene.
They draw their inspiration from bands like Jakob, This Will Destroy You, Tides of Man or Jon Hopkins amongst others. With their introspection-evoking style, hubris. reveal themselves with the length of their compositions, permitting an evolution encompassing softness as well as intensity.
Sometimes compared with other artists like Sigur Rós or Long Distance Calling (Daily-Rock), the band calls forth emotions of its audience due to a heterogeneous musical landscape mixing poetic ambiance and raw energy. The band is comprised of a guitar and synthesisers (Jonathan Hohl and Martin Volanthen), a bass-guitar (Julien Vonlanthen) and the drums (Nathan Gros).
For fans of 65daysofstatic, Jakob, Long Distance Calling, This Will Destroy You…
 Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Shop

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