French deep-rock outfit Syd Kult stream debut full-length album

01/31/2017 at 8:41 pm (Uncategorized)


Today is the day : a few weeks after unveilling some various excerpts from the effort with the songs “Heroes’ End”, “Space” and “Silent Scream”, French deep-rock trio Syd Kult just officially released its debut self-titled album for CD and Digital with the courtesy of La Grosse Radio as official premium-media partner.
In addition to the official release-news, the band also unleashed the full album for streaming on Bandcamp while it will be available too on the main legal platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Deezer or Spotify on February 5th.
Stream the entire album on Bandcamp | Grab your physical copy on the band’s webstore
For the record
Formed in 2013 around the parisian area, Syd Kult is an indie-rock/progressive project – lead by Cyril as founder, architect and main composer – which describes its work as “Deep Rock”.
Somewhere beyond influences from various major bands and artists such as Alice In Chains, The Doors, Marilyn Manson, King Crimson, Blue Öyster Cult, Portishead or Radiohead, Syd Kult quickly found its own musical path with its debut recording : a self-titled EP (2013) released a few months only after its birth.
After some line-up changings, a second EP called ‘Reflections Of The Black Sun’ saw the light in 2014 and then; the musicians began the work on its first full-length effort and unleashed a digital single “Beyond Good and Evil” later in 2015.
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Shop

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