Swiss hip-hop/alternative-rock trio Fensta debuted first song

11/03/2016 at 7:46 pm (Uncategorized)


Swiss hip-hop/rock power-trio Fensta just debuted the first excerpt from its upcoming full-length album ‘APOCALIPSTICK’ with the video of the song “The Party Is Ending” recorded live last summer @ Ebullition (Bulle, Switzerland).
This album is planned for an official release in the coming months through Cold Smoke Records (Das Röckt, Hey Satan!, Hubris, Lilium Sova, Ogmasun…).
Have a look on the live video on YouTube.
For the record
Formed in 2015 by the singer Julien Vonlanthen, recognized DJ artist (Zeela), music producer and drummer, Fensta is a rap-rock power trio from the area of Fribourg, Switzerland, equally inspired by alternative music and pop music.
Though the formation is recent, the members come from various respected scenes. Featuring Fred Vonlanthen (guitarist for Alain Morisod, involved in more than 2’000 shows during the last 20 years) on the bass and Nathan Gros (No Way To Escape, Hubris…) on the drums, the group’s origin stemmed from a mutual will of getting out ofthe musicians’ habits.
Influenced by bands such as RATM, Royal Blood and AC/DC, Fensta stands out by mixing powerful hip-hop drum rhythms, loud bass-guitar riffs and rap lines. Not only motivated by sharing the happiness of their music, the band approaches delicate topics with their strong lyrics and tries to promote a different way of thinking to its audience.
In 2016, the formation entered the studio “La Fonderie“ and “Redboogie“ to record its first album “Apocalipstick“ to be released
For fans of Rage Against The Machine, One Day As A Lion, Royal Blood,…
Website | Facebook | YouTube

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