French fast-rockers Iron Bastards debuted title-track from new album

10/11/2016 at 7:02 pm (Uncategorized)


 Too fast, too furious
About 18 months after the release of its debut full-length record ‘Boogie Woogie Violence’, French Fast & Dirty Rock’n’roll power trio Iron Bastards is back with a… second filthy album called ‘Fast & Dangerous’ planned for a physical / digital release on december 9th through FDA Rekotz (The End).
In the meantime, the title-track of this upcoming effort is available right now for streaming on SoundCloud while the Pre-orders for CD/t-shirt/bundle are opened on the label webstore

…For the record…

Old school Rock with a modern view : The Iron Bastards play a fast and dirty rock’n’roll. Energetic, aggressive, motivated, the Bastards give heavy and powerful shows that will make your ears bleed ! Founded in 2013, the band played fast from its beginning but also work fast and released its two first records in 2014 (‘Boogie woogie sessions’ and ‘Wasteland’) before to begin to work on a full-length album. Tons of high-energy gigs later, Iron Bastards released ‘Boogie woogie violence’ in 2015.

Less than two years after their first album, the Bastards released their second full-length record with ‘Fast & Dangerous’
For fans of Motörhead, Nashville Pussy, Danko Jones, Peter Pan Speedrock….
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