French Screamo/Posthardcore quartet Aleska streamed new track

09/15/2016 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)


A few weeks after unveiling two first songs from its debut self-titled album reissue, French Screamo/Post-Hardcore outfit Aleska just unleashed a brand new song with “Instaurer le vide” available right now on Bandcamp
The album is still planned for a digital/physical (CD) re-release on September 20th through the band’s webstore.
For the record
Screamo/post-hardcore quartet from the Lorraine Area (in France), Aleska is a four-piece outfit with members coming from bands such as Shall Not Kill, Dead For A Minute or Esteban.
Between Emo/Hardcore, Screamo, Post-Rock, Math-Rock and Post-Hardcore vibes, sounds and emotions, the band released a first EP called ‘The Waiting’ during the summer 2012 before to hit the road and play a bunch of gigs all around the French territory.Then, Aleska contributed to a 3-Way Split with the bands Bears and Marisena (out in 2013) before to record some new tunes for a split LP with No Vale Nada released in 2014 and a second EP ‘Time Is A Curse’ out a few months later.
On september 2016, after about one year and a half of hard-work Aleska unleashed its debut and self-titled full-length album.
For Fans of Envy, Kidcrash, Toe, Raein, From Monument To Masses…
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