Guns Love Stories unleash two new songs from ‘The Beauty of Irony’

04/05/2016 at 9:42 pm (Uncategorized)

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After a single “Predigested Hollywood” (in audio format), and then an official music for the song “Wear Out Your Heart”, Swiss alternative/rock/post-hardcore outfit Guns Love Stories just unveiled during the past days two more excerpts from its upcoming album ‘The Beauty of Irony’, still planned for an official release on April 8th for CD, LP and digital formats.

Stream and share the new tunes “Backstabbing” and/or “Bland Masks” | Pre-order the album for CD and Digital editions.

For the record…

Too soft for hardcore moshers, too heavy for pop punk pogers – Guns Love Stories were always standing inbetween fronts and actually, the guys from Lucerne, Switzerland feel as comfortable firing up a hardcore-crowd, asplaying an energy driven set amidst Indie-Rock-bands. The band was formed back in 2011 in Lucerne.

Two years later, the quartet released its debut full-length record called ‘A Terrestrial Journey’ through sumsRecords. Because of the large media attention they got, Guns Love Stories got the chance to play at the very popular Luzerner Fest in 2013 and 2015 and then played dozen of shows in Switzerland and Germany. The young band’s sound that is somewhere in between post hardcore, southern and progressive rock causes an explosive atmosphere. With loud, chaotic, but still groovy elements, the guys manage to light a firework of music.

The iconic Guns Love Stories sound is backed up by thoughtful and socio-critical lyrics, that are sometimes melancholic, sometimes very loudly sung by vocalist Thomas Zurfluh.To not extinguish the lit up fire, Guns Love Stories take their listeners on an adventurous trip with many details, that is always up for surprises – thanks to the clever songwriting and catchy instrumental arrangements.

On spring 2016, GLS will release its second album ‘The Beauty of Irony’ and hopefully manage to go on an extensive tour through Europe to light their firework outside of their home.

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