Breaking Fuel stream new full-length album ‘More more more’

01/02/2016 at 3:34 am (Uncategorized)

Breaking Fuel band More More More
A few weeks after its official reissue, ‘More more more’, the debut full-length album by French alternative/free-rock/progressive band Breaking Fuel is available right now for full streaming on Bandcamp.
Released a few months ago through the band’s own imprint and then re-released this fall through Musicast Distribution, the album is available right now on CD, LP and Digital + physical stores and the main legal platforms (iTunes,Deezer…).
Stream the whole album for free | Get the digital/physical copy (CD/LP)
…For the record…
Resulting from the many and various explorations and experiences of these members, Breaking Fuel has been painting itself as a definite Rock-o-colored item. The band has taken shape around the musical humanity of its 5 members recorded a first EP which has been handed out personnally by the band, back in 2012.
Enthused by the warm welcome the EP met for its debut release, a long and successful series of concerts would soon follow (2012-2013). This evolution led the later addition of a sound engineer to the crew. From cosier and more intimate Appartment Sessions to larger venues (Rock School Barbey Theater), and not omitting the literally more “underground” local scene, as well as playing for the opening of World Surf Contest or at Barcelona’s RazzMattaz, the band, mirroring their refreshing music has been rocking venues in an unexpected fashion. his results in the recording of a 1st full-length album, displaying an amazing number of collaborations on their tracks including Adrian Terrazas Gonzales on saxophone (The Mars Volta, T.R.A.M.) or Matthieu Lesenechal (Big Sir).
This album has been integrally recorded analogically at Studio des Collines (France), allowing for Live takes. Mastering has also been undergoing the same process. It was the band’s personal request that their sound be treated the analogical way, thus capturing the team’s energy and sincerity. BREAKING FUEL’s sound is heavily tinted with the 70’s signature sound, mixed in with more centempory flavors, inviting the listener on an epic journey.
For fans of At the Dive-In, Frank Zappa, The Mars Volta…
Cover Breaking Fuel More More More
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