Kabak released new full-length album ‘Avu’ // Full stream available

11/23/2015 at 3:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Kabak band.
A few days after a local and limited release, ‘Avu’ the new full-length album from Swiss Indie-rock band Kabak is available right now worldwide for LP & digital on Bandcamp and the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Amazon…) through Whoreshipping Dead Cows/Irascible Distribution.

Four-piece entity from Fribourg (Switzerland), including members from Favez, Nihil Etc. or Lysergic Sunshine, Kabak shares a French-speaking indie-rock somewhere between Nick Cave and Sonic Youth, Alain Bashung and Kat Onoma.

After a self-titled debut album in 2010 and then a digital single ‘Marais’ a few months later, the band played with bands and artists such as Moriarty, O’Brother or Yellow Teeth before to release, in the second half of year 2015, a second full-length record available below for full streaming.

Stream the full album ‘Avu’ for free on Bandcamp | Have a look on the music video for the song “Amatrice cuir”
For fans of Nick Cave, Diabologum, Alain Bashung, Sonic Youth…
Kabak cover.
Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

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