Meltdown released debut full-length album “Boobs are for heroes”

08/05/2015 at 4:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Meltdown pix

“Riffs as religion. Boobs as obsession. Cervical destruction. For a world domination !”

-Four knights of sound.
4-pieces metal band from Lausanne, Switzerland, Meltdown just released its debut full-length album called “Boobs are for heroes” on CD right now in local stores. In waiting for more and full streaming session, digital and web distribution, a first single extracted from the album is available right now with the music video for “I won’t be submitted”
For the record
Founded in december 2011 in Switzerland, Meltdown made its first paths on stage a few months later and after some time working at reharsals in order to built its own musical style, between rock, metal, funk with funny atmospheres. Comic-core was born and then the band unleashed a music video for its first single “Animals” before to record a first EP called “Learn to burn” (2013).
Several gigs later in Switzerland or France, Meltdown embarked for a trip around Cuba for the Brutal Winter Fest (2014) and the same year appeared on the “Global domination” compilation by Imperative Music (USA). In 2015, the band released “Boobs are for heroes”
Meltdown cover.
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