RedLight : New EP “Jukebox Vol.I” for immediate release and streaming

07/05/2015 at 3:11 am (Uncategorized)

Red light 1

A few days after a first announcement and two years and a half after the release of “Astronauts” (2013, M & O Music), RedLight the mutant crossover between rock, indie blues and hip-hop from French Dirty South is back right now with “Jukebox Vol.1”, the first volume of a several parts digital EP-series unleashed a few days ago through Bandcamp exclusive.

Stream and buy the whole EP on Bandcamp | Have a look on the music video for “I get it”

…For the record…

Founded in 2007 in Marseille, France by Londres, Dapé and Guy, RedLight developed from its beginning a great and fresh mix of Electro-Rock and Hip-Hop-Blues. In 2008, the band released its debut recording with an album called “Crash system control”, following less than two years later by an EP : “What’s going on ?”. Then RedLight made some great appearances on stage before to record two digital singles (“Westbound train / Casanova” & “Magic / A James Bond complex”) both unveiled in 2012.

Six months later, a brand new full-length album saw the light with “Astronauts”.

Red Light 2

Facebook | Bandcamp


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