Rise will… rise from the “Resilience” on Spring 2K15

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Rise ban 2

This is about Rise… This is about musical hybridation. This is about a French three-piece entity mixing in the same original and “romantic” way post-metal, indie-pop, alternative black-metal.

A musical project including a real visual ambition with graphic design, some artworks (one for each song), and music videos in order to spread a personal vision of romantism between love, passion, violence, chaos and despair.

The band is currently working hard on its debut full-length album, called “Resilience”, produced in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by Jochem Jacobs (ex-Textures) and expected on CD/digital in the coming next months. But in the meantime, Rise unveiled a few weeks ago a first audio/visual extract from its work with the cartoon music video of the song “About duality” available right now on YouTube and by clicking in the artwork below.

For fans of Deftones, Deafheaven, Muse or Devin Townsend…

… For the record…
Natural evolution of the Andick solo project in 2009, RISE took its firststep during the spring of 2010. Affected by the artistic approach of Aymeric Goutal (guitar/piano/vocals/keys), it was in a spontaneous way that bassist Julien Bouladoux (also involved with Parisian alternative/hardcore/punk band The Prestige), then drummer Tadzio Gottberg decided to ally to his cause.
Borrowing its influences from the broadest musical horizon possible, RISE seeks above all to convey emotions. The power of Rock, the heaviness of Metal and the Classical drama are combined,  thus giving birth to a rich and astonishing mixture.
The topics approached, halfway between hope and melancholy, are primarily based on the concept of Resilience, dear to the project’s originator. Experiments share, transmission of emotions and vibrations in unison constitute a faithful triptych to RISE.
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