The View Electrical (Cortez, Kruger, NSISF…) announce debut album “Roseland”

03/04/2015 at 12:58 am (Uncategorized)

TVE band.
After two years of hard work, alternative indie-pop project from Switzerland, The View Electrical are about to release their highly anticipated first album this spring. Twelve songs about flowers and thorns featuring a dozen of musicians from Switzerland and beyond.
Including members from Cortez, Kruger, No Sun In San Francisco or Sonograph, the band is gonna release with “Roseland” a delicate sonic flower in a classy package of careful production signed by Raphael Bovey (Kruger) and Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna). Synths, strings, orchestral guitars, breathing drums and a million voices in the land ofroses. Don’t expect it to be all gentle and smooth though, you might be surprised by some weird electronic drones and crushing post-hardcore climaxes. Sadness, despair, hope and joy all next to each other. Life in every breath.
Expected on March 20th 2015, “Roseland” will be released in CD/LP and Digital formats through the almighty Hummus Records (Coilguns, Impure Wilhelmina, Kunz, Nevborn…). In the meantime, The View Electrical unveiled a first audio/video extract with the song “Life in every breath”.
Streame “Life in every breath” song | Pre-order the album.
For the record…
“We’re both looking for a voice, a voice of our own, a lonely song”. Fred Aellen (Sonograph) and Raul Bortolotti (Kruger) have finally broken their loneliness spell. They invited numerous swiss friends (Abraham, Kehlvin, Cortez, etc.) and foreign heroes (Jeniferever, Stereograph, etc) to their land of inner peace. They gathered more than 20 musicians from all backgrounds and transformed step by step a dozen confidential demos into a coherent and rich hour of music. “Roseland” is a wide patchwork of styles and people, an incredibly dense release for a first real-life experience. The result of two creative minds at work for two busy years. Patience pays…
TVE cover.
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