Blind Alley unveils new music video for the song “Battlefield”

02/10/2015 at 4:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Blind Alley pix

A few weeks after having released its brand new album called “Primal howl”, (the second record after “Ordinary madness” released in 2012), the French quintet Blind Alley have just unveiled an official music video illustrating the song “Battlefield”.

Inviting the listener into inner and emotional sonic travels, somewhere between indie, alternative, rock and world-music, Blind Alley offers with “Primal howl” nine dark & self-produced tracks which mix blues, folk-rock and oriental vibes, featuring contributions from two highly-skilled indian musicians, Abhisek Lahiri, well-known genius ofthe sarod, and Parthasarathi Mukerjee, a veritable tabla master..

Available already for full streaming, “Primal howl” is also physically distributed worldwide from now by Musea Records.


Have a look on the music video | Listen the album | Get the digital / CD version

For the record

Blind Alley was born in 2012 from the collaboration of Zoe Jeanroy, singer and guitar player, and the French guitarist Sebastien Kohler. One first handful of composition founded between Mumbai, Katmandu and Bangkok is on a LP recorded by Mo Meya Stonecorner. Blind Alley creates a sound enlightened by the beat generation’s leaders and the grunge movement. Composed on the road, the songs, influenced between many others by PJ Harvey or Led Zeppelin, remind blues, folk and rock leaded by a heartbreaking voice.

For fans of Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Portishead, The Velvet Underground…

 Blind Alley cover

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