Dirty Sound Magnet : new EP “The bloop” for full streaming

06/30/2014 at 2:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Band pix (blue)

A few days ago, Dirty Sound Magnet unleashed “The bloop”, a the short sequel of its acclaimed debut full-length album “What lies behind” (2012). This modern classic rock EP is released through Irascible Distribution on CD and digital. In addition to the EP, an official music video for the song “Chocolate woman” has been shot and put online on YouTube platform. From now, “The Bloop” is also available for full streaming on Bandcamp.

For the record…

Influenced by the finest artists of years long passed, four-pieces swiss rock entity Dirty Sound Magnet manages to integrate the freshness and power of the music of today. The creativity of DSM calls them to shirk the notion of a ‘label’ or a ‘genre’ for what they do is more than rock ; it is from the first to the last ‘music’. The band already has had the pleasure to perform over 100 live shows in Switzerland and abroad.

Streame the whole EP | Get your physical copy.

DSM cover 2014

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