Dirty Sound Magnet : new EP “The bloop” to come very soon

05/06/2014 at 4:36 pm (Uncategorized)

DSM ban 14.
One year and a half after the release of its debut full-length album “What lies behind”, with the great help of Phenix Records, Dirty Sound Magnet is back with a brand new record called “The bloop”. This new effort by the Swiss rock band from Fribourg, is a six-songs EP awaited on May 31st through Irascible Distribution. A first single will be unveil on May 2nd and the complete artwork is available below this news.
For the record…
Influenced by the finest artists of years long passed, four-pieces swiss rock entity Dirty Sound Magnet manages to integrate the freshness and power of the music of today. The creativity of DSM calls them to shirk the notion of a ‘label’ or a ‘genre’ for what they do is more than rock; it is from the first to the last ‘music’. The band already has had the pleasure to perform over 100 live shows in Switzerland and abroad.
DSM 2014.
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