All Dogmas We Hate unveil cover art for new album

03/07/2014 at 4:15 pm (Uncategorized)

ADWH 2014
3 years after its birth an physical album and a digital EP, All Dogmas We Hate is about to unleash this spring its second full-length effort, called “Human wrath” and awaited for April 29th, on CD and Digital, through M&O Music/Believe Digital (In Arkadia, My Only Scenery, Our Theory,…). The arwork is available below this news.
ADWH : four letters for a name which sounds like a mantra : All Dogmas We Hate. French metal/hardcore/progressive act from Nîmes,  this five-pieces band didn’t want to lose time so after a bunch of fierce and productive work, opened the studio’s door in order to record a debut full-length album called “Back to Reality”, released a few weeks later through M & O Music/Twilight Distribution.
The band got medias attention on metal sphere (webzines, magazines and some radios), collecting positive and constructive critics, and giving the French metal scene an outstanding beginning. Hard workers, the five guys get back in studio in february 2013 to give a follow-up to their debut album with a digital EP called “Astronomical distances”.
ADWH cover 2

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