Disagony debut album “Venom dish” available for entire streaming

01/13/2014 at 2:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Disagony band picture.
A few days after a first announcement, “Venom dish”, the debut album by swiss alternative rock/grunge/punk band from Geneva Disagony, is officially out in Switzerland by Snowhite/Irascible and Rough Trade. A worldwide release is expected for early 2014.
Since band’s first steps, Disagony‘s music tends to be their own and not only powerful, but also emotionally strong and breathtaking. The frontwoman’s deep but rough voice brings a seducing rage into the trio’s original compositions while mixed with their heavy sound and the powerful riffs they put on. After its birth in 2009 and having recorded their first selt-titled 4-track EP two years later, Disagony,  entered studios in Belgium and Switzerland with producer and engineer Yvan Bing to record what will be their debut album ‘Venom Dish’, achieving it in 2013.
Stream the whole album & get your copy / Check the official video for the single “Stop rewind”.
For fans of Alice In Chains, The Distillers, Wolfmother, QOTSA, The Vines…
Venom Dish cover

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