Colossus Fall release split 7” w/Gacys Threads

10/18/2013 at 3:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Colossus Fall band.
2 years after its debut EP “Sempervirens” and before to begin to work on a full-length album, the Swiss stoner/sludge/hardcore metal creature Colossus Fall has just released a split 7”EP with Irish chaotic hardcore band Gacys Threads trough the record label Save Your Scene Records (Coilguns). Two songs for each band for a huge dosis of hard & kick-ass sound just for your lovely ears.
Get the 7” Split (Limited Edition) // Stream the whole effort
For the records.

Colossus Fall

The band as it exists today was formed in July 2011 in Geneva by members having previously taken part in various bands of the local metal scene. The project is part of the meeting of David Moro (guitars – formerly of Forge) and Philippe Suarez (guitars- former member of Amok) in 2009. A number of musicians have contributed to the karma of the band. The actual line up is completed by Fabien Dunoyer at the drums and Christophe Grasset at vocals. It is not easy to apply COLOSSUS FALL’s rich and expanded sound to any existing style, being both brutal and sophisticated at the same time, but rather it is clearly an influence of a number of quite different genres.

However, COLOSSUS FALL might be a kind of mix between Mastodon, Keelhaul, Coalesce, Converge and Isis.
Colossus Fall cover.
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