Ass of Spades : New album “Sleep when you die” for immediate release

05/08/2013 at 7:48 am (Uncategorized)

Ass of Spades - Band
“Hi-energy rock’n’roll” said Ass of Spades, a Swiss band formed in Lausanne (2009) in order to play… play and play more again, which recorded a first demo (“Booze, Hell, spades, Rock’nroll”) only two months after its birth.
Two years of intensive gigs later (+ a split album with The Weightlifters), the band released a debut full-length album called “Check, raise or fall” through Hungry Ghosts Productions (Bagheera, Camion, June Deville…).
Tons of more gigs later, AoS came back to the studio in order to put brand new EP in the pipe (“Too much rock’n’roll never killed the show”, Nyoncore Records – 2011) before to begin to work on a new album in 2012.
Ass of Spades - Sleep when you die
Entitled “Sleep when you die”, this one has just been released on CD/digital through Heimathome Records (Helmut, Make Me a Donut, Spylown, Voice of Ruin…) and the song “Independance day”, extracted from the album, is available right now on YouTube.
For fans of AC/DC, Airbourne, Motörhead, The Hellacopters.
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