Lilium Sova : New album “Epic morning” out now on Cal of Ror !

11/23/2012 at 5:31 pm (Uncategorized)

4 years after its debut album, the atypical instrumental hailing from Geneva, (Switzerland) Lilium Sova, is back with a new full-length available right now through Cal of Ror Records (Rorcal).
Emerged in early 2006 as a trio (Cyril, Michael and Tim) playing a fairly unique dynamic syncopated brand of noise-hardcore and post-metal mixture with a pinch of free-jazz to give life to “Tripartite Chaos” (2008, Cal Of Ror Records).
In 2011, after sessions for an upcoming record were done, the band parted ways with saxophone/synth player Michael Borcard (Penfield), losing a key element of their sound. Guest musicians Loïc Blazek (violoncello/guitar) and multi-tasker Kim Makombe (guitars/noise) where then invited to join the band permanently.
Now a quartet, Lilium Sova has rearranged some older songs and expanded their initial sound, and it’s under this line up that the band releases “Epic morning”. A brand new album recorded & mixed by JP Schopfer (Rorcal) @ Wood studio and mastered by Raphael Bovey, including guests appearances from members of Impure Wilhelmina, Kehlvin, Yog, Rorcal…
Three tracks from this upcoming noise-mathcore jazzy creature are available on Bandcamp.
Get your copy right NOW !

Next gig

12/11/24 VROCKAL Festival #13 @ Caves de Versoix (Switzerland) w/Deadly Sin Orgy & Vuyvr

12/12/22 @ L’Ecurie Geneva (Switzerland) w/ Nevborn


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