Serments : new album digitally out… very soon…

11/19/2012 at 4:14 pm (Uncategorized)


SERMENTS. New full-length album “Erotic drive” out soon…
SERMENTS, a five-piece rock/metal band born in 2005, has really taken life and evolved among the Parisian scene since 2007. With its first 5 tracks-EP “Gone away” , autoproduced and self-released in 2008, Serments went on stage with bands such as Lunatic Age, Hey Hey My My, Devianz or Madame de Montespan,…
Produced by Christian Carvin (Eths), “Utopia”, the debut full-length album has been released on 2009 and revealed a skillful mixture of a furious, clear and confident voice, heavy riffs tinged with melancholic atmospheres, which make of this first album a key element enabling the band to suggest a music rich in feelings.
Well determined to show all the strength of its universe and all the energy emanating from the combo when on stage, Serments is gonna release a brand new album called “Erotic drive” for digital in 3 versions which offer a different bonus track for each of them – black (for the violence face of the band + bonus track “Crystal”), white (for the ambient one + bonus track “5,7 or More” ) and color (for both faces + bonus track “Nb.Failed”) – on november 25th.
In waiting for the official release, Serments has just unleashed a first song of the upcoming album on Soundcloud.
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