Karma Zero : Architecture of a Lie coming soon

10/13/2012 at 12:06 am (Uncategorized)

Violent world = violent music


Born in 2008, Karma Zero, French metalcore/deathcore/electro act begins its career playing at Hellfest Metalcorner scene in 2009 before to release a 5-tracks self-titled EP a few months later. Then, KZ0 shares the stage with bands like Madball, Shining or The Arrs with a participation to the Motocultor festival 2010 and decides to work in 2011 with Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) to record its debut album @ E-factory Studio (Black Bomb A, Tagada Jones).
Entitled “Architecture of a lie”, the first full-length effort by Karma Zero will be released this fall (November 21st) through Ultimhate Records (A Subtle Understatement, Absurdity, As They Burn, No Brain).
The artwork is available below and 3 excerpts from the upcoming album are on Bandcamp.
  Bandcamp | FacebookMySpace

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