VS : EP + album = coming soon

09/13/2012 at 7:53 am (Uncategorized)

 Born in 2004, VS is a french entity mixing various influences between post-rock, trip-hop, ambient & electronica in order to create its own cimeatic and musical path. During two years, the band works hard on several original compositions and uses the Creative Commons licences to spread its music digitally everywhere. Between 2007 et 2008, VS puts the final touch on its debut self-produced EP which is released for free.
In 2009, the band wants to reach the next step and begins the recordings of the part one of a concept-trilogy. The first volume, an EP entitled “Just a sigh, Part 1”, is put in the box but not released yet and VS concentrates its efforts to the live creations (with videos) for a Live DVD @ Forum Vauréal (France) before to record the album”CiTies R reaL (Part 2)”.
This fall, VS will deliver “Just a sigh (Part 1)” through Believe Digital before to release “CiTies R reaL (Part 2)” On CD+DVD (early 2013).
By the way, a first video teaser is available on YouTube right NOW.
  WebsiteFacebook | SoundCloud

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