Bagheera : Debut album “Drift” out this fall

08/31/2012 at 9:41 am (Uncategorized)

 Formed at the beginning of 2009, Bagheera is a swiss groove-metal band created with the aim to play honest, personal and effective music, somewhere between metal to hardcore, thrash to grunge with some feelings from death metal.
With a rapid acclaim on the local music scene, these guys have a growing following of metal fans, but are also stirring interest among less metal-exposed ears, thanks to their staight-forward tunes. After having played most of the prestigious concert halls in western Switzerland (L’Usine KAB, Les Docks, L’Amalgame, Grill the Hill Festival), they are currently preparing to embark on a European tour in September 2012.
After several months fully dedicated to create a new original sound, Bagheera will release its debut full-length album, “Drift”, on october 5th with the the great help of Hungry Ghosts Productions (Camion, June Deville…) & Finisterian Dead End (Pictured).
In waiting for this fall, two tracks from “Drit” are available for streaming on Bandcamp and a first teaser is on Vimeo.
  BandcampFacebook | Hungry Ghosts Productions

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