Le Minus : “Make my day” new album for immediate release

08/28/2012 at 8:28 am (Uncategorized)

 Lurking within each of us lies Le Minus, that bitter, frustrated, hard-done by inner voice that whispers of conquest and unappeased revenge. Biding time, it sees and mocks our loneliest moments with a wry sense of humour…
This fusion/rock power-trio from the French city of Toulouse disrespectfully sums up two decades of alternative rock and fusion. Their style is an explosive cocktail of energy, instinct, groove and power, illustrated by the scathing snarl of a neurotic Frenglishman. Honestly, Le Minus is best served with bands such as Primus, Bumblefoot, Fishbone or Living Colour.
The band has released a first 3-tracks EP in 2009 (“Rancour is a gift”) and one year later its debut full-length album, “The Book Of V”. In 2012, Le Minus unleashes its third effort, entitled “Make my day”, directly available from the band right NOW !
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