RedLight : the french indie crossover

06/12/2012 at 9:49 am (Uncategorized)

A Great and Fresh Mix of Electro-Rock-HipHop-Blues!
RedLight is a mutant project : born in Marseille (south-east of France) in January 2007, the band makes since its debuts a crossover between rock, indie blues and hip-hop around Londres – Vocals and coffee making, Dape – Music Guru and German words, Guy – Drummin and coffee drinking, Den’s – Occitan World Travelling, Denis – Extreme Mooger keyboard Matrix, Ned – Guitar and Tongue Box, and Gérald – Jedi Master of the infrabass power (Sound Tech!). One year after its first paths, RedLight releases its first & self-produced full-length album : “Crash system control” (2008) and two years later an EP entitled “What’s going on?” through LMG Productions.
Now, the band is currently working on a new full-length album expected for 2013, but in waiting for this new record, has just released a double digital single EP “Westbound train” on M & O Music (iTunes, Deezer).
The title track is available right now for streaming.
Stay tuned… End of transmission.

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