Feuerzeug : Kick-ass stoner rock for immediate release

06/04/2012 at 8:11 am (Uncategorized)

Feuerzeug, which means “The Lighter” in German is a Swiss band based in Lausanne. Founded in 2008 by David Denega (aka Deneg aka David Van Neeg, guitar-lead singer) and Marc Cappelletti (drums – backing vocals) they originally named themselves “Tesla Intoxicates…” but after the arrival of Steve Wolfensberger (guitar – effects) and the current bass player Terry Pinard, the band changed its name into “Feuerzeug”.
In 2008, the band has recorded a first album “Drive Fast and Crash”, released on January 2009 in Lausanne on Ishii Kamikazi Records for Europe and Poison Tree Records for the USA and rest of the world. Having received enthusiastic media attention, including radio-airplays and TV-shows, the band started working on the second album, Dead Wahines & Tsunamis. This new release allowed the four musicians to explore abyssal sea depths and rough deserts with the precious help of huge and noisy engines.
13 tracks of kicking your ass stoner/rock’n’roll with burning groove, huge riffing… and balls. Need a proof ? So put an ear on “Landkreuzer” song.
Get your copy right NOW !
For fans of Kyuss, QOTSA, Low Rider, Fu Manchu, Los Disidentes del Sucio Motel…
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