Rorcal vs Malvoisie vs Profond Barathre : Split Series #2

05/15/2012 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

The Swiss doomcore conspiracy #2

In 2011, Rorcal released a first split CD with Solar Flare (side-project from Impure Wilhemina), today, the second of the four parts of the Rorcal Split Series is available through Cal of Ror Records (Lilium Sova).
 This time, we have 3 bands, 3 tracks, 3 approaches. In the aim of creating something special (or uncreating for others), this collaborative work has been a very long process to visualize something more than just a gathering of songs with single identities. But rather to shape a story through 45 minutes of darkness, atmospheric, violent and hysterical waves of sound and screams. Opening with Profond Barathre, followed by Rorcal and finalized by Malvoisie.
3 chapters to be discovered in one straight listening.
The release is presented in a very limited handmade digifile CDr (only 200 copies) in the same format as the collaborative CD released with SOLARFLARE.
Exclusively available on Rorcal e-shop and for entire streaming on SoundCloud.
Website | ShopFacebook | Cal of Ror Records

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