T.H.O.T : Moved Hills (Official Music Video)

04/18/2011 at 2:35 pm (Uncategorized)

This is the story of The hills mover and The fields tuner. Moved Hills is from “Obscured by the Wind”, Thot’s brand new album, out 22.03.2011 on White Leaves Music.  http://www.thotweb.net

Produced by Playtime Films & Grégoire Fray.  http://www.playtimefilms.com
Directed by Gilles Ivan.
Cast: Albert Félis, Grégoire Fray.
Screenplay: Gilles Labarbe.
Script: Eléonore Moyen.
First assistant director: Julien Mus.
Production assistant: Isabel de la Serna.
Make up & Clothing: Arielle Moens.
Playback: Christophe Ottaviano.
Editing: Gilles Ivan, Gilles Labarbe & Julien Mus.
Thank you: Monique Félis, Laurent Geuzaine, Violine Langlais, Josiane Cavillot, Bernard Streignard, Sophie Clarinval et Stéphane Martin.


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