04/12/2011 at 11:16 am (Uncategorized)

Our all mighty doomers of Rorcal are hitting the road again next week for their Heliogabalus Doom Over Europe Tour 2011!
The band will be carrying new merch and a special 200 copies limited Heliogabalus Tour Edition including the yet unreleased track; Prelude to Hlgbls.
Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Repulic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, all these countries are on the list.  Be shure to not miss their gloomy evil candle lighted show!

20.04 KultiBeiz, Wetzikon (ch) w/Spectres
21.04 Lichtwirtschaft, Leipzig (d) w/Birds in Row, Panta Rhei
22.04 Le Parc, Mons (b) w/Metrydia
23.04 Carlo Levi, Liège (b) w/June Paik, Lara Korona, Bud Spencer, Terraformer
24.04 Cantine de Belleville, Paris (f) w/Cough, Holy Strays, BSOFS
25.04 K4 Klub, Praha (cz) w/Tides from Nebula, Stafrænn Hákon
26.04 EKH, Vienna (a) w/Cheap Defect, Six-Score
27.04 Dürer-kert, Budapest (h) w/Dirge, Our Existence is Punishment, Torn from Earth 

28.04 Club Noir, Szeged (h) w/Dirge

29.04 Kapu, Linz (a) w/Dirge, Phal:Angst
30.04 S.G.A. Arese, Milano (i) w/Gottesmorder, Hungry like Rakovitz, O
03.05 Grrrnd Zero, Lyon (f) w/Cough
04.05 Gaswerk, Winterthur (ch) w/Cough
05.05 L’Usine, Genève (ch) w/Cough
27.05 Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin (d): DOOM OVER BERLIN w/Kasan, Dirge, Toner Low, Gorilla Monsoon, Celeste


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