RQTN is free…

09/02/2009 at 3:23 pm (Uncategorized)

RQTN Promo

First long play record from RQTN is now available in free & legal download


Biography : Mathieu Artu’s solo project, RQTN is the reflection of the artistic aspirations of its creator. He released his first writings as a composer on early 2008, on a CD EP “We Were…We Are”, on Swarm Of Nails Recordings. As reviewers acclaimed this first effort, RQTN started to make itself known, dropping its name out on the musical landscape. One year later, no more copies were left.

Time passes by, and new songs are written to be played with french hardcore band EINNA’s singer. Though the project fails, Mathieu Artu reckons it should be shared. So, a second EP, self-titled, is released on the internet. Fully downloadable for free, it reaches more and more people every single day. In the meanwhile, it’s time for self-questionning, as the Myspace page says, “RQTN is dead”.Yet it is not the end of the story.

Several weeks later, RQTN comes out of nowhere, writing a brand new page of his story, leaving the ethereal post-rock spheres for a crossover between several sounds. Through classical, alternative and modern minimalism, Mathieu Artu borrows from Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter, Philip Glass, Clint Mansell or The Album Leaf. 9 tracks are written, the first long-play album from RQTN is born. Its name : “Monolithes En Mouvement”… (Monoliths in motion)


Some excerpts from French & English reviews :

“All songs have the beauty and effect of the war.” CoreZine

“Monolithes En Mouvement is a record you’d be unfortunate not to hear this year. Its nine tracks are some of the most emotive and genuine you’re likely to find.” The Silent Ballet

“Alors que notre âme s’embrase dès la première écoute, We were… we are impose RQTN comme une véritable révélation. Chapeau bas.” W-Fenec

“We were…we are est simplement une réussite. RQTN, derrière ses 4 lettres, cache une inspiration, un charme et un talent tout simplement indéniables.” Core And Co

“We Were… We Are est beau. Juste beau, simple et touchant, ce qui fait déjà beaucoup” Metalorgie


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