Volver unveils new music video for the song “What went wrong”

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Volver et gladys

A few weeks after the release of its brand new EP called “Beautiful sad stories”, the five-piece indie-post-pop band from Liège (Belgium) Volver unveiled an official music video for the song “What when wrong” (feat. Gladys) filmed by director, cinematographer and editor François-Xavier Cardon and Julien Glasmacher (as 1st assistant).

“Beautiful sad stories” is still available on CD, 12” vinyl and digital through I for Us Records/Disobedience Distribution, Grandma Pop Collective and Grizzly Inc. and for entire streaming right now on Bandcamp.


For the record, born as a solo-project in 2007, Volver became a “real band” a few years later by writing and recording 4 first songs of pure emotional pop with deep post-rock atmospheres.

For fans of Sigur Ros, Keith Caputo, The Album Leaf…

Have a look on the music video | Listen the whole EP | Get the digital version / the CD/LP copy

volver cover 2014

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Khynn : new album “Supersymmetry” coming soon…

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 3 years after the release of their first album “Any fear calms down”, French metallers Khynn will be back very soon with a brand new full-length effort called : “Supersymmetry”. The album is expected for early 2015 with two music videos and bonus stuff.
For the record
KHYNN was created in 2004. The band, based in Besançon (France), released a 7-tracks EP called “Breakin’ the Fury” in 2007. This first one delivers a heavy trash melodic debut record, allying power and emotion. A blast of energy serving a limitless spirit.
Then, some changes occurred in the original line-up: further broadening its musical universe.In 2011, KHYNN released “Any fear calms down” an introspective, epic but effective effort with some progressive rock parts and a varied scope of influences going from Scandinavian to American metal.

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Dry Can : New album “Meanwhile” for full streaming

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Dry can band

7 years after the release of their debut full-length album, french alternative grunge-rockers Dry Can are finally back to the business with a very long awaited sequel called “Meanwhile”, self-produced by the band himself and available right now for CD, digital and full streaming.

For the record

Born in France at the end of the 90’s as an acoustic rock duo (Anne + Antoine, both vocalists & guitarists), Dry Can became a four-piece band a few years later after the arrival of a rythmic section (Olivier & Pascal). Taking its time to work on some songs and then making a few gigs, the band recorded a debut full-length album called “Something like that…”.

Released in 2007, this first effort was a panorama of the band’s influences, between past and present, somewhere around Led Zepellin and Pink Floyd from a side and the Seattle 90’s scene (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden…) on another side, with some sonorities and atmospheres from bands like Deftones, Helmet or Incubus.

The album is very well received but Dry Can kept the silence for years… but not being inactive. In 2009, after two years of touring and having established a strong reputation of a rock’n’roll band to be seen live, the qartet decided to take some distance with the stage in order to catch its breath and prepare its second album. After some years of work, the band recorded “Meanwhile”, unleashed on fall 2014.

Stream the whole album | Get the digital / physical copy.

 Dry can cover

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Drakkar : Once upon a time… in Hell

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Drakkar logo.
Two years and a half after the reunion of the band and then, the Deluxe reissue of the acclaimed “X-rated”, Belgian speed-metal legends Drakkar are back this fall with a brand new full-length album called “Once upon a time… in Hell”. A new effort recorded with a line-up including Jonas Sanders as drummer (KomaH, Pro-Pain, Zuul FX) to come this november through Spinal Records (Hell City, KomaH…) and COD&S Distribution.
For the record…
Born in 1983, Drakkar spends a couple of years to find its steady line-up as well as its musical direction. During two years the band composes and evolves into a melodic and technical speed-metal that will hit the mark in live performances. In 1985 Drakkar released its first demo tape acclaimed by both critics and fans. After some gigs in Belgium & France, the band was rewarded with fans’ growing enthusiasm before to record a new demo tape which gave the band the opportunity to sign a deal with N.E.W Musidisc. Called “X-Rated”, the debut full-length album by the Belgian metallers was released in 1988 all over Europe and gives them the chance to support major bands like Metallica, Overkill or Slayer during their European tours.
Despite their increasing success, Drakkar decided to separate some years later due to contractual difficulties. All the musicians then decided to try their luck on their own side.In 1998 they decided to reunite them in order to work again on projects they left aside a few years ago. The band starts producing powerful, melodic and technical new compositions. One year later, Drakkar came back with a brand new EP but after some gigs : a further break unfortunately occurred then.
On 21st January 2012, the band is officially back to business during a reunion show with new line-up composed of three guitarists and then re-released its “X-rated” remastered album with a new artwork and two new tracks.
In 2014, Drakkar unleashes its new full-length album : “Once upon a time… in Hell”.
Stream the whole album | Get the digital copy.
Drakkar cover.

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Dirty Sound Magnet unveils “21st Century Witch” music video

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Dirty Sound Magnet W&B 2014

A few weeks after having released “The bloop EP”, as a short sequel of their acclaimed debut full-length album “What lies behind” (2012), Swiss rockers Dirty Sound Magnet have just unveiled a brand new official music video for the song “21st Century Witch” available right now on YouTube.

This track appears on the tracklisting of “The bloop”, released through Irascible Distribution on CD and digital and also available for full streaming on Bandcamp.

For the record…

Influenced by the finest artists of years long passed, four-pieces swiss rock entity Dirty Sound Magnet manages to integrate the freshness and power of the music of today. The creativity of DSM calls them to shirk the notion of a ‘label’ or a ‘genre’ for what they do is more than rock ; it is from the first to the last ‘music’. The band already has had the pleasure to perform over 100 live shows in Switzerland and abroad.

Streame the whole EP | Get your physical copy.

.Dirty Sound Magnet 2014 cover

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The Lords of Altamont on Tour 2K14

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Oct 15 Hérouville St Clair, FR Le Big Band Café
Oct 16 Montreuil, FR La Pêche
Oct 17 Belleville sur Meuse, FR La Passerelle
Oct 18 Montbeliard, FR Atelier des Moles
Oct 19 Selestat, FR Vodoo Day Festival
Oct 21 Nantes, FR Le Ferrailleur
Oct 22 St Jean de Vedas, FR Secret Palace
Oct 23 Biarritz, FR Atabal
Oct 24 Toulouse, FR Le Metronum
Oct 25 Parthenay, FR Diff’Art
Oct 26 St Nazaire, FR Le VIP
Oct 28 Bruxelles, BE Magasin 4
Oct 29 Dunkerque, FR Les 4 Ecluses
Oct 30 Paris, FR Le Batofar
Oct 31 La Chaux de Fonds, CH Le Bikini Test
Nov 1 Romans sur Isère, FR La Coordonnerie

Poster Lords of Altamont

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Breaking Fuel : first full-length album to come soon…

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Breaking fuel band pix

Emerging from the new French alternative scene, Breaking Fuel, a free/alternative/progressive five-piece band from Bordeaux, is about to release physically its debut full-length album on september.

The digital version is available from now on Bandcamp with 3 songs for streaming and the pre-orders will come very soon.

Resulting from the many and various explorations and experiences of the members of this uncanny team, Breaking Fuel has been painting itself as a definite Rock-o-colored item ! The band has taken shape around the musical humanity of its 5 members (2011), and has been “cemented” by the recording of a first EP (5 tracks), which has been handed out personnally by the band, back in 2012.

Enthused by the warm welcome the EP met for its debut release, a long and successful series of concerts would soon follow (2012-2013). This evolution led the later addition of a sound engineer to the crew. From cosier and more intimate Appartment Sessions to larger venues (Rock School Barbey Theater), and not omitting the literally more “underground” local scene, as well as playing for the opening of World Surf Contest (in Lacanau, France), or lastly, at Barcelona’s RazzMattaz, the band, mirroring their refreshing music has been rocking venues in an unexpected fashion.

This results in the recording of a 1st full-length album, displaying an amazing number of collaborations on their tracks including Adrian Terrazas Gonzales on saxophone (The Mars Volta, T.R.A.M.) or Matthieu Lesenechal (Big Sir, Bagdad Rodéo). This album has been integrally recorded analogically at Studio des Collines (France), allowing for Live takes. Mastering has also been undergoing the same process. It was the band’s personal request that their sound be treated the analogical way, thus capturing the team’s energy and sincerity. BREAKING FUEL’s sound is heavily tinted with the 70’s signature sound, mixed in with more centempory flavors, inviting the listener on an epic journey.

Stream the songs // Get the digital album

For fans of At the drive-in, Frank Zappa, The Mars Volta…

Breaking Fuel cover

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Progstone : debut album “Out from there” out now!

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Progstone band

Where the road ends and the desert begins, Progstone distils a both crude and melodic rock whose energy demands to be released on stage.

Born 4 years ago in Switzerland as a four-piece stoner/grunge/progressive band, Progstone released a debut short effort in 2012 with an EP called in the wild before to make its first steps on stage. A first conclusive try for the band which need then to move forward to make a real “professional” album.

In 2014, Progstone releases his long-awaited first studio full-length effort (Shape, Worry Blast) and the least we can say is that the group does not skimp on resources ! Recorded at the Alternative Recording Studio in Sion (Switzerland) mixed in Seattle’s (USA) at London Bridge Studio (Pearl Jam – Alice InChains – Soundgarden…) and mastered in Los Angeles by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers,…), the album is available right now through Chamosound Records and a bunch of songs are up for streaming on ReverbNation.

Stream the Progstone songs // Order the physical album

For fans of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden…

Progstone cover

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Zoe : new album “Raise the veil” coming soon…

08/27/2014 at 2:53 pm (Uncategorized)

ZOE pix band

Between 70’s hardrock’n’roll and modern stoner-rock vibe, Zoë, born in the North of France at the end of the 90’s, is about to release everywhere its brand new album called “Raise the veil”, expected this september on CD/digital through Brennus Music.

Self-released for the fans on spring as a limited first shoot, “Raise the veil”, third full length effort by Zoë (after “Make it burning” and “Dirty is a little sister”) has been recorded by Olivier T’Servrancx at the Electric Box Studio (Glowsun) and then mastered by Göran Finnberg (In Flames, Meshuggah). In the meantime, three songs extracted from the album are available right now for streaming on Bandcamp.

In other news, after having played on stage during the past years with bands like Lofofora, Nashville Pussy, The Lords of Altamont and some venues at BetizFest, Hellfest or Main Square Festival, the band will hit the road again this fall to promote the new album.

Stay tuned for more news and have an ear on Zoë music.

For fans of Motörhead, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Monster Magnet, The Hellactopters…

ZOE cover

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Rorcal : “Vilagvege” Live album for entire streaming

08/07/2014 at 5:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Vilagvege promo

A few days after a first announcement, the beast is now unleashed.

After having played it on stage for about a hundred shows and releasing it on vinyl, tape and CD, now is the time for the Swiss doom/black metal conspirators Rorcal to suggest the very last version of the “Vilagvege” album : the live one. A live record fully self-produced by the band itself, recorded during the “Vilagvege” release party in Geneva on April 14th 2013 and including special guests appearances of Japanese Noise Master KK-Null and Portuguese Doom Gods Process Of Guilt for an apocalyptic final.



This live album is available right now in very limited edition (300 copies only) as a 180 grams 12 inches black vinyl + full streaming on Bandcamp. The side A will content the 17 last minutes of the show that features the final act with KK-Null and Process Of Guilt. The Side B is engraved with the arms of the band.

Get your physical copy on the Rorcal Doom Market | Stream the entire live album.


Vilagvege cover.

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